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Result of query on Friday, December 17, 2004 02:17:28 PM
Last Name: SMITH
First Name: JOHN

Filing Date Range:  01/01/2004-12/01/2004

Name Case Type Filing Date Location Available Imaged Documents
SMITH JOHN Other PI/PD/WD (General) 07/15/2004 Pasadena Courthouse
SMITH JOHN PETER Dissolution of Marriage (General) 11/05/2004 Stanley Mosk Courthouse
SMITH JOHN WAH Motor Vehicle - PIPD/WD (General) 10/20/2004 Stanley Mosk Courthouse 25
SMITH JOHN WART BREACH CONTRACT (Limited) 10/23/2004 Long Beach Courthouse
SMITH JOHN WARTER U.D.-RESIDENTIAL (Limited) 10/21/2004 Van Nuys Courthouse