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May 2, 2012


New Court Reporter

Availability Policy

Effective May 15, 2012


Los Angeles Superior Court Presiding Judge Lee Smalley Edmon signed a General Order on May 1, 2012, which, effective May 15, 2012, suspends Local Rule 2.21 and Appendix C, relating to the availability of court reporters. A copy of the Court Reporter Availability policy is attached.  In addition, copies of the order, policy, and reporter availability schedule can be found on the Court’s website, http://www.lasuperiorcourt.org/, under “Court Reporter Availability.” 


The new Los Angeles Superior Court policy regarding normal availability of official court reporters and privately arranged court reporters (effective 5-15-12) includes the following:


           Official court reporters will normally be available in criminal, juvenile, family law, and probate matters.  Official court reporters will not normally be available for civil trials, but will normally be available for general jurisdiction morning calendar matters until Friday, June 15, 2012.


           Official court reporters will be available in general jurisdiction civil courts for non-trial matters only, two ˝ days a week per a published staffing schedule, effective Monday, June 18, 2012.  Effective June 18, 2012, official court reporters will normally not be available for civil proceedings other than two ˝ day periods per week for non-trial matters in general jurisdiction civil courtrooms, as set forth in a Court Reporter Staff Assignment List (CRSAL) that will be posted in the Clerk’s Office in each courthouse, and on the Court’s website.  Parties should regularly check the CRSAL for days and times official court reporters are normally available in any general jurisdiction civil courtroom.







New Court Reporter Policy

May 2, 2012

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           Parties may arrange for privately retained reporters by stipulation and order, effective May 15, 2012. Effective May 15, 2012, parties may, by stipulation, arrange for the appointment of a privately retained certified shorthand reporter to serve in the matter as an official court reporter pro tempore

            where an official court reporter is not normally available.  A copy of the Court Approved Stipulation and Order form will be posted on the Court’s website and available in the Clerk’s Office.


           Parties may privately arrange for the appointment of a Court approved official court reporter pro tempore without a stipulation from a list of such reporters that will be available on or about July 1, 2012.  The names and contact information for a list of Court approved certified shorthand reporters, who can be privately arranged and appointed as an official court reporter pro tempore without stipulation of the parties will be posted on the Court’s website on or about July 1, 2012.




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