Check Ticket Status

  1. After you have completed your online transaction, you can check on your ticket’s status. The system will update after 10 a.m. the next business day.

  2. To begin, follow these steps:

    • Click on the button on the traffic home page.
    • Click on the button on the online services traffic page.
    • After reading the User Agreement for Online Services, click on the button if you wish to continue.

  3. To find your ticket, you'll be instructed to:

    • Select the court where your ticket is assigned
    • Select the law enforcement agency that issued your ticket
    • Enter the citation number from your ticket
    • Enter your birth date

  4. After you ticket has been located, the webpage that is displayed will have 2 sections. The first section is your ticket information and the second section has any online transactions your ticket qualifies for, if any. If the ticket does not qualify for any online transactions, a message ‘This citation is not eligible for any online transaction’ will appear. The table below is a guide checking your ticket status after completing an online transaction.

    Type of Transaction Ticket Information/
    Expected Result
    What This Means
    Pay Ticket Online Case Status: Prior your ticket is closed and there is nothing else you need to do.
    Reserve a Court Date Case Status: Court You have reserved a court date for your arraignment.
    Appearance Date Extension Case Status: Extension & Date Extensions is not an eligible option Your due date on your ticket has been extended by 60 days.
    Traffic School Case Status: Traffic School Your request for traffic school has been approved.
    Traffic School Certificate has been received by the Court Case Status: Dismissed Your traffic school completion certificate has been received by the court.
    Traffic School Extension Case Status: Traffic School & the ‘Traffic School Completion Date Extension’ does not appear on eligibility list Your traffic school extension has been granted.
    In this example, after the ticket is paid the case status would change from ‘Open’ to ‘Prior’ after 10a.m. the following business day.