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Restraining Orders
  • If you are in immediate danger, please call 911. The programs and agencies listed offer information that can help you if you are involved in a domestic violence, elder abuse, or civil harassment situation.

This is the self-help section for Restraining Orders. A Restraining Order is a Court order issued to prevent the recurrence of acts of violence, abuse, stalking or harassment.

Family Law Q&A
Court Resources/Links for Restraining Orders:
Service Description Resource
Domestic Violence Information Provides information about Domestic Violence and Restraining Orders. View Document
Información Sobre La Violencia Doméstica Proporciona información sobre la violencia doméstica y las órdenes de restricción. Vea Documento
Los Angeles Superior Court Domestic Violence Filing Locations & Clinics Los Angeles Superior Courts locations where restraining orders can be filed. Some locations offer help with filling out the forms View Document
Los Angeles Superior Court Self-Help & Resource Center The Court and Legal Aid partners operate Self-Help & Resource Centers for Self-Represented Litigants to provide education and assistance to parties who do not have attorneys and need to complete documents and court procedures on their own. Self Help Resource Centers Guide

External Resources/Links for Restraining Orders:
Office/Service Description Resource Contact Info:
211 LA County Provides referrals to agencies by geographical area for individuals seeking counselors and other social services. View Website Hours: 24 hours a day 7 days a week
National Domestic Violence Hotline Hotline advocates are available to help domestic violence victims and anyone calling on their behalf. Assistance is available in English and Spanish with access to more than 170 languages through interpreter services View Website Hours: 24 hours a day 7 days a week
California Courts Self-Help Center The Judicial Council provides the California Courts website Custody & Parenting Time (Visitation) Self-Help Center to help with answers to your questions about Child Custody and Visitation. View Website
Domestic Violence Resources View Website
Elder Abuse Resources View Website
Civil Harassment Resources View Website
Gun Violence Prevention Resources View Website
Workplace Violence Resources View Website

The agencies listed below may provide help or information if criminal charges have been filed:
Office/Service Description Resource Contact Info:
Los Angeles City Attorney Victim Assistance Program to insure that services and support are made available to victims and witnesses. View Website Phone: 213.978.2097 Fax: 1.213.978.2179
Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office Family Violence Division Division of the District Attorney’s office that handles cases of spousal abuse, physical child abuse, and other domestic violence crimes View Website Phone: 213.974.3785
Victims of Crime Resource Center Provides a countywide listing of resource and referral information for victims and their families View Website Phone: 1.800.VICTIMS (842.8467) TTY: 1.800.3712.9279

Find a Lawyer (External Websites):
Office/Service Description Resource Contact Info: LawHelpCalifornia provides online information to help low and moderate income people find legal aid referrals & self-help resources.

LawHelpCalifornia DOES NOT provide direct legal services.
View Website (Los Angeles County Bar Association) The Los Angeles County Bar Association offers a Lawyer Referral and Information Service on View Website Phone: 213-243-1525
Los Angeles County Bar Association The Los Angeles County Bar Association provides a lawyer referral service and information on common legal issues in both English and Spanish. View Website Address:
1055 West Seventh Street Suite 2700
Los Angeles, CA 90017-2577
Phone: 213.627.2727
The State Bar of California The California State Bar Association offers listings of certified county programs that provide lawyer referrals. View Website
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