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Judicial Officers
Judicial Officer - Permanent Assignments
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ABZUG, MICHAEL JudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center112(213) 628-7412
AHNN, MICHELLE MJudgeInglewood Courthouse3(310) 419-1303
ALARCON, GREGORY JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse36(213) 633-0156
ALLEN, WILLIAM ACommissionerNorwalk CourthouseA(562) 345-3722
APPLEGATE, ROBERT PJudgeBurbank Courthouse1(818) 260-8401
ARAKAKI, AKEMI JudgeEdmund D. Edelman Children's Court416(323) 307-8016
ARNOLD, MARK SJudgeTorrance CourthouseG(310) 787-3714
BACHNER, MONICA JudgeSan Fernando CourthouseL(818) 256-1805
BACIGALUPO, PAUL A JudgeVan Nuys Courthouse EastO(818) 901-4606
BARELA, HENRY JudgeEast Los Angeles Courthouse5(323) 780-2009
BARRY, WILLIAM JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse67(213) 633-1067
BEASLEY, SHERYL MCommissionerDowney Courthouse4(562) 803-7018
BEAUDET, TERESA JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse50(213) 633-0650
BECKLOFF, MITCHELL LJudgeSanta Monica CourthouseM(310) 255-1846
BEHAR, LORI RJudgeGovernor George Deukmejian CourthouseS07(562) 256-1440
BENDIX, HELEN IJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse18(213) 633-0518
BENNETT, FRANCIS JudgeMetropolitan Courthouse61(213) 745-1861
BENSINGER, KERRY JudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center54(213) 628-7754
BERLE, ELIHU MJudgeCentral Civil West Courthouse323(213) 351-7523
BERMAN, STEVEN CommissionerInglewood Courthouse8(310) 419-1308
BERNAL, MARGARET JudgeNorwalk CourthouseF(562) 345-3703
BERSHON, NICOLE JudgeTorrance CourthouseP(310) 787-3717
BEVERLY, WILLIAM CAssigned JudgeMetropolitan Courthouse (213) 745-2708
BIANCO, JAMES JudgeMental Health Courthouse95B(323) 441-1894
BIRD, GEORGE JudgeTorrance Courthouse3(310) 787-3703
BLACKSHAW, JULIE JudgeEdmund D. Edelman Children's Court412(323) 307-8012
BLACKWELL, NICHELLE CommissionerEdmund D. Edelman Children's Court406(323) 307-8006
BLADES, STEVEN DJudgePomona Courthouse SouthA(909) 802-1102
BLANCHARD, KATHLEEN JudgeMichael Antonovich Antelope Valley CourthouseA-21(661) 483-5521
BLANCO, ALICIA YCommissionerVan Nuys Courthouse EastL(818) 901-4625
BLOCK, MITCHELL Commissioner   
BLUMENFELD, STAN JudgePasadena CourthouseH(626) 396-3314
BOBYS, HUGH Commissioner   
BORENSTEIN, MARK JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse44(213) 633-0354
BORJÓN, KEITH JudgeEast Los Angeles Courthouse3(323) 780-2005
BORK, TERRY AJudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center38(213) 628-7738
BOURNE, BEVERLY JudgeEast Los Angeles Courthouse7(323) 780-2015
BOWICK, STEPHANIE JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse19(213) 633-0519
BOXER, DOREEN BCommissionerNorwalk CourthouseB(562) 345-3712
BRANDLIN, JAMES JudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center100(213) 628-7400
BRANDOLINO, JOSEPH AJudgeVan Nuys Courthouse WestF(818) 989-6833
BRAZIL, DEBORAH JudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center45(213) 628-7745
BRAZILE, KEVIN CJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse1(213) 633-0601
BRENNER, DANIEL JudgeChatsworth CourthouseF43(818) 407-2243
BROADBELT, ROBERT JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse81(213) 830-0781
BROUGHAM, CATHRYN JudgeAlhambra Courthouse5(626) 293-2105
BROUGHAM, DAVID C.JudgeWest Covina Courthouse9(626) 430-2509
BROWN, IRMA JudgeInglewood Juvenile Courthouse240(310) 419-5275
BROWN, KEVIN JudgeLos Padrinos Juvenile Courthouse 250(562) 940-8851
BROWN, LESLIE EJudgeAirport Courthouse80(310) 725-3015
BROWN, RICK Assigned JudgeDowney Courthouse6(562) 803-7024
BRUGUERA, SUZANNE GJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse71(213) 830-0771
BRYANT-DEASON, SUSAN JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse52(213) 633-0652
BUCKLEY, DANIEL JudgeStanley Mosk CourthouseAPJ(213) 633-0300
BURDGE, RICHARD JudgePomona Courthouse SouthB(909) 802-1112
BYRD, CHRISTINE JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse65(213) 633-1065
BYRDSONG, RUPERT JudgeMetropolitan Courthouse74(213) 745-1874
BYRNE, MARY LOUCommissionerPasadena CourthouseM(626) 396-3306
CAMACHO, MIKE JudgePomona Courthouse SouthP(909) 802-1107
CAMPOS, BENJAMIN RCommissionerEdmund D. Edelman Children's Court422(323) 307-8022
CARROLL, DENNIS WCommissionerGovernor George Deukmejian CourthouseS03(562) 256-1425
CARTER, AMY JudgeMetropolitan Courthouse75(213) 745-1875
CARTER, MICHAEL DJudgeBurbank CourthouseG(818) 260-8414
CASTRO, EMMA CommissionerEdmund D. Edelman Children's Court415(323) 307-8015
CATHCART, PATRICK JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse83(213) 830-0783
CHALFANT, JAMES C JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse85(213) 830-0785
CHAVEZ, VICTOR E JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse96(213) 633-0696
CHEMELESKI, JOHN CommissionerGovernor George Deukmejian CourthouseS15(562) 256-1480
CHEROSKE, JOHN JJudgeCompton CourthouseD(310) 761-4323
CHO, LAWRENCE JudgeSanta Monica CourthouseM(310) 255-1846
CHRISTIAN, DEBORAH JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse94(213) 830-0794
CHRISTIAN, H DONCommissionerPomona Courthouse SouthC(909) 802-1122
CHROSTEK, JOAN JudgeWest Covina Courthouse5(626) 430-2505
CHUNG, CARLOS AJudgeMichael Antonovich Antelope Valley CourthouseA18(661) 483-5518
CHUNG, LISA MJudgeMichael Antonovich Antelope Valley CourthouseA19(661) 483-5519
CLARKE, EDMUND WILLCOXJudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center115(213) 628-7415
CLAY III, CHARLES QJudgeNorwalk CourthouseP(562) 345-3727
CLOVER, SUZETTE JudgePasadena CourthouseF(626) 396-3323
COEN, RONALD SJudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center101(213) 628-7401
COEN, SEAN DJudgeCompton Courthouse4(310) 761-4304
COLE, DEBRA AJudgeDowney Courthouse5(562) 803-7021
COLE, LISA HARTJudgeSanta Monica CourthouseO(310) 255-1866
COLE-HALL, DEBRA JudgeNorwalk CourthouseT(562) 345-3708
CONNOLLY, PAT JudgeCompton CourthouseK(310) 761-4315
CONVEY, MICHAEL JJudgeVan Nuys Courthouse EastD(818) 901-4602
COOPER, ANDREW JudgeMichael Antonovich Antelope Valley CourthouseA7(661) 483-5507
CORTEZ, ANNABELLE JudgeEdmund D. Edelman Children's Court402(323) 307-8002
COTTON, HUEY JudgeVan Nuys Courthouse EastA(818) 901-4603
COURT, MICHELLE JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse92(213) 633-1092
COWAN, DAVID JJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse79(213) 633-1079
COWELL, MICHAEL JudgeNorwalk CourthouseN(562) 345-3716
CRABB, ROCKY LCommissionerPomona Courthouse SouthD(909) 802-1103
CUNNINGHAM, DAVID JudgeCentral Civil West Courthouse306(213) 351-3316
CURREY, BRIAN JudgeCompton CourthouseB(310) 761-4322
CZULEGER, J STEPHENJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse3(213) 633-0253
DABNEY, JAMES RJudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center134(213) 628-7434
DAU, RALPH W JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse57(213) 633-0657
DAVIS, PAMELA CommissionerSanta Monica CourthouseB(310) 255-1852
DELGADO, ROY JudgeEl Monte Courthouse4(626) 401-2204
DENTON, WAYNE CommissionerInglewood Juvenile Courthouse242(310) 419-5273
DHANIDINA, HALIM JudgeGovernor George Deukmejian CourthouseS08(562) 256-1445
DIAZ, RUDOLPH JudgeEdmund D. Edelman Children's Court419(323) 307-8019
DIESMAN, KATHLEEN OJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse27(213) 633-1027
DILLON, TIMOTHY PATRICKJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse88(213) 830-0788
DODSON, WILLIAM CommissionerPasadena CourthouseA1(626) 396-3302
DOHI, GREGORY AJudgeVan Nuys Courthouse WestE(818) 989-6823
DOMINGUEZ, JUAN CARLOSJudgePomona Courthouse SouthH(909) 802-1114
DOWNING, MARGUERITE DJudgeEdmund D. Edelman Children's Court407(323) 307-8007
DOYLE, JOHN PJudgeGlendale CourthouseD(818) 265-6413
DOYLE, JOHN TJudgeCompton CourthouseF(310) 761-4313
DRAPER, ROBERT JudgeEdmund D. Edelman Children's Court411(323) 307-8011
DUFFY-LEWIS, MAUREEN JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse38(213) 633-0158
DUKES, ROBERT AJudgePomona Courthouse SouthO(909) 802-1126
DUNN, JAMES R JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse26(213) 633-0523
DURON, ARMANDO CommissionerStanley Mosk Courthouse2B(213) 633-0632
EDWARDS, DREW EJudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center127(213) 628-7427
EGERTON, ANNE HJudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center118(213) 628-7418
ELIAS, EMILIE HJudgeCentral Civil West Courthouse324(213) 351-7524
ELLISON, LAURA CJudgeTorrance CourthouseA(310) 787-3712
ELSWICK, CAROL WILLIAMSJudgeAlhambra CourthouseW(626) 293-2109
ESCOBEDO, MILDRED JudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center126(213) 628-7426
ESPINOZA, PETER JudgeNorwalk CourthouseJ(562) 345-3715
ESTES, CHRISTOPHER GJudgeMichael Antonovich Antelope Valley CourthouseA20(661) 483-5520
ESTRADA, ALISON JudgeMetropolitan Courthouse65(213) 745-1865
EWELL, CHRISTINE JudgeVan Nuys Courthouse West105(818) 989-6805
FAHEY, WILLIAM F JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse69(213) 633-1069
FALLS, THOMAS CJudgePomona Courthouse SouthR(909) 802-1117
FEFFER, ELIZABETH JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse39(213) 633-0159
FELDSTERN, DANIEL BJudgeSan Fernando CourthouseE(818) 256-1823
FERNS, EDWARD JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse21(213) 633-0523
FERRARI, GARY JJudgeGovernor George Deukmejian CourthouseS23(562) 256-2207
FEUER, GAIL RJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse78(213) 830-0878
FIDLER, LARRY PJudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center106(213) 628-7406
FIELDS, DAVID JudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center46(213) 628-7746
FILER, KELVIN DJudgeCompton CourthouseC(310) 761-4332
FLURER, MICHELE EJudgeGovernor George Deukmejian CourthouseS10(562) 256-2252
FORD, H JAYJudgeAirport Courthouse71(310) 725-3097
FOURNIER, LORI ANNJudgeNorwalk CourthouseC(562) 345-3702
FOX, BRAD MCommissionerTorrance Courthouse7(310) 787-3707
FOX, ELDEN SJudgeAirport Courthouse82(310) 725-3042
FRANK, RONALD FJudgeMetropolitan Courthouse67(213) 745-1867
FRAZIN, MARK RefereeAlfred J. McCourtney Juvenile Justice Center285(661) 949-6505
FREEMAN, KENNETH RJudgeCentral Civil West Courthouse310(213) 351-7510
FREIXES, GRACIELA JudgeChatsworth CourthouseF44(818) 407-2244
FRIED, MINA CommissionerStanley Mosk Courthouse8(213) 830-0830
FRIEDENTHAL, ALAN HCommissionerStanley Mosk Courthouse8(213) 830-0830
FRISCO, CHRISTOPHER JudgeDowney Courthouse3(562) 803-7015
FRUIN, RICHARD JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse15(213) 633-0515
FUJIE, HOLLY JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse98(213) 633-0698
FUJIOKA, FRED JJudgeSylmar Juvenile Courthouse277(818) 256-1077
GARCIA, MICHAEL JudgeMetropolitan Courthouse71(213) 745-1871
GARNETT, SHERILYN JudgeGlendale Courthouse2(818) 265-6402
GASDIA, BRIAN FJudgeNorwalk CourthouseR(562) 345-3717
GAST, NANCY SCommissionerVan Nuys Courthouse West102(818) 989-6802
GAUFF, KAREN ACKERSONJudgeCompton Courthouse5(310) 761-4305
GELFOUND, DAVID BJudgeSan Fernando CourthouseD(818) 256-1803
GENESTA, GEORGE JudgePomona Courthouse SouthT(909) 802-1108
GENSER, STANLEY Commissioner   
GLADSTEIN, MARTIN RCommissionerSanta Clarita Courthouse1(661) 253-5601
GLENNON, BERT JudgeVan Nuys Courthouse EastU(818) 901-4608
GODFREY, JANE CommissionerAirport Courthouse73(310) 725-3043
GOLDBERG, HANK MJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse4(213) 633-0254
GOLDSTEIN, DONNA FIELDSJudgeBurbank CourthouseB(818) 260-8422
GOMEZ, GUS JudgeGlendale Courthouse3(818) 265-6403
GOODSON, CAROL BOASJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse2C(213) 633-0312
GOORVITCH, STEPHEN IJudgeMichael Antonovich Antelope Valley CourthouseA6(661) 483-5506
GORDON, SCOTT MJudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center123(213) 628-7423
GOSWAMI, RUPA JudgeAlhambra Courthouse4(626) 293-2104
GOUL, RICHARD MJudgeGovernor George Deukmejian CourthouseS02(562) 256-1415
GOULD-SALTMAN, DIANNA JudgeCompton CourthouseN(310) 761-4316
GREEN, JOHN Commissioner   
GREEN, LESLEY CJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse11(213) 633-0251
GREEN, TERRY AJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse14(213) 633-0514
GREENBERG, VICTOR HJudgeEdmund D. Edelman Children's Court420(323) 307-8020
GRIEGO, THOMAS JudgeInglewood Courthouse3(310) 419-1303
GRODIN, THOMAS Commissioner   
GROMAN, DONNA QUIGLEYJudgeCompton Courthouse261(310) 761-4261
GROSS, MARC JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse2D(213) 633-1023
GULLON, CHRISTIAN JudgeWest Covina Courthouse7(626) 430-2507
GUTIERREZ, HECTOR JudgeCompton Courthouse9(310) 761-4309
GUZMAN, HECTOR MJudgeTorrance CourthouseC(310) 787-3732
HADNOT PRIOLEAU, LATONYA CommissionerCompton Courthouse12(310) 761-4312
HAHN, JAMES KJudgeSanta Monica CourthouseS(310) 255-1847
HALEVY, LOUISE CommissionerCentral Civil West Courthouse2G(213) 351-7504
HALL, HENRY JJudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center111(213) 628-7411
HALL, TAMARA JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse22(213) 633-0622
HALM, HOWARD JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse93(213) 633-1093
HAMMOCK, RANDOLPH JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse77(213) 830-0777
HANASONO, MARK JudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center40(213) 628-7740
HARKAVY, JEFFREY MCommissionerSanta Clarita Courthouse2(661) 253-5602
HARMON, ERIC JudgeVan Nuys Courthouse West113(818) 989-6813
HARRIS, H ELIZABETHCommissionerClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center47(213) 628-7747
HARRISON, ROBERT CommissionerStanley Mosk Courthouse94(213) 830-0794
HARWIN, MICHAEL JudgeVan Nuys Courthouse EastM(818) 901-4616
HAYNES, MARCELITA VJudgeGovernor George Deukmejian CourthouseS13(562) 256-2243
HEESEMAN, NICOLE CommissionerGovernor George Deukmejian CourthouseS05(562) 256-1430
HENNING, JOHN JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse75(213) 633-0775
HENRY, MARGARET SJudgePasadena Courthouse271(626) 396-3371
HERMAN, T KAssigned JudgeTorrance Courthouse8(310) 787-3718
HERNANDEZ, PETER AJudgeWest Covina Courthouse10(626) 430-2510
HERRIFORD, DAVID JudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center56(213) 628-7756
HERSCOVITZ, MARTIN JudgeVan Nuys Courthouse WestR(818) 989-6817
HESS, ROBERT LJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse24(213) 633-0524
HIGA, ROBERT JJudgeNorwalk CourthouseK(562) 345-3725
HIGHBERGER, WILLIAM FJudgeCentral Civil West Courthouse322(213) 351-7522
HILL, CHRISTINA LJudgeEastlake Juvenile Court203(323) 226-8916
HILL, DEIRDRE JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse49(213) 633-0649
HIROSHIGE, ERNEST MJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse54(213) 633-0654
HOBBS, LYNNE JudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center52(213) 628-7752
HOFER, RALPH JudgePasadena CourthouseK(626) 396-3355
HOGUE, AMY DJudgeCentral Civil West Courthouse307(213) 351-7507
HOLLINGSWORTH, DONNA JudgeMichael Antonovich Antelope Valley CourthouseA5(661) 483-5505
HONEYCUTT, ALAN BJudgeTorrance CourthouseL(310) 787-3725
HORAN, JAMES JudgeNorwalk CourthouseL(562) 345-3705
HORN, H CHESTERJudgeSanta Monica CourthouseI(310) 255-1854
HORWITZ, DAVID MAssigned JudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center50(213) 628-7750
HOUSE, MARY THORNTONJudgePasadena CourthouseA(626) 396-3302
HUNT, JACK PAssigned JudgePomona Courthouse South  
HUNTER, ELEANOR JJudgeCompton CourthouseH(310) 761-4324
HYMOWITZ, LAURA CommissionerMental Health Courthouse95A(323) 441-1893
ING, JOHN HJudgeGovernor George Deukmejian CourthouseS31(562) 256-2247
INJEJIKIAN, MARAL Assigned JudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center  
ITO, PATRICIA CommissionerChatsworth CourthouseF48(818) 407-2248
ITO, ROGER JudgeNorwalk CourthouseH(562) 345-3714
IWASAKI, BRUCE JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse63(213) 633-1063
JACKE, H. CLAYJudgeCompton Courthouse8(310) 761-4308
JESIC, MICHAEL JudgeVan Nuys Courthouse WestS(818) 989-6827
JESSNER, SAMANTHA JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse31(213) 633-0151
JOHNSON, BARBARA RJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse70(213) 633-1070
JOHNSON, FRANK JudgeVan Nuys Courthouse EastT(818) 901-4612
JOHNSON, JANE LJudgeCentral Civil West Courthouse308(213) 351-7508
JOHNSON, MICHAEL JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse56(213) 633-0656
JONES, ANN IJudgeSan Fernando CourthouseL(818) 256-1805
JUAREZ, DANIEL JudgeMental Health Courthouse95(323) 441-1895
JUHAS, MARK JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse64(213) 633-1064
JURADO, RAY GJudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center33(213) 628-7733
KADDO, JAMES JudgeVan Nuys Courthouse EastI(818) 901-4614
KALIN, JOSEPH Assigned JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse41(213) 633-0161
KALRA, UPINDER JudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center53(213) 628-7753
KAMINS, BERNARD JAssigned JudgeVan Nuys Courthouse West101(818) 989-6801
KARLAN, CRAIG DJudgeSanta Monica CourthouseN(310) 255-1856
KAUFMAN, SHELLEY JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse60(213) 633-0660
KAWAHARA, ROBERT MCommissionerCentral Arraignment Courts81(213) 617-5681
KEENY, VIRGINIA JudgeVan Nuys Courthouse EastJ(818) 901-4605
KELLOGG, MICHAEL JudgeVan Nuys Courthouse West122(818) 989-6822
KEMALYAN, RICHARD SJudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center121(213) 628-7421
KENDIG, HOLLY EJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse42(213) 633-0162
KENNEDY, DONALD SCommissionerCentral Arraignment Courts82(213) 617-5682
KENNEDY, KATHLEEN A.JudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center109(213) 628-7409
KEOSIAN, GREGORY JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse61(213) 633-1061
KERLIN, KARLA JudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center37(213) 628-7737
KHAN, ABRAHAM JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse13(213) 633-0518
KIM, DOROTHY JudgeMetropolitan Courthouse68(213) 745-1868
KIM, MARK CJudgeGovernor George Deukmejian CourthouseS20(562) 256-1507
KIN, CURTIS JudgePasadena CourthouseO(626) 396-3326
KIRSCHNER, RICHARD JudgeVan Nuys Courthouse WestG(818) 989-6814
KLEIFIELD, STEVEN JJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse53(213) 633-0653
KLEIN, CLIFFORD LJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse11(213) 633-0251
KLEIN, ROSS MJudgeGovernor George Deukmejian CourthouseS27(562) 256-2227
KNIGHT, SHANNON JudgeMichael Antonovich Antelope Valley CourthouseA2(661) 483-5502
KORN, RENEE JudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center32(213) 628-7732
KRALIK, JOHN JudgeCentral Civil West Courthouse316(213) 351-7516
KUHL, CAROLYN BJudgeStanley Mosk CourthousePJ(213) 633-0400
KUMAR, SANJAY JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse70(213) 633-1070
KWAN, RUTH ANNJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse72(213) 830-0772
LAESECKE, LAURA JudgeGovernor George Deukmejian CourthouseS19(562) 256-1502
LAFORTEZA, BERNIE JudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center113(213) 628-7413
LAGER, MARVIN JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse99(213) 830-0829
LANDIN, DENNIS JJudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center128(213) 628-7428
LAWSON, JOHN CJudgeGovernor George Deukmejian CourthouseS30(562) 256-2242
LEIS, COLIN JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse66(213) 633-5866
LEITER, MAURICE A.JudgeCompton CourthouseA(310) 761-4302
LENCH, LISA BJudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center132(213) 628-7432
LEVANAS, MICHAEL IJudgeEdmund D. Edelman Children's Court400(323) 307-8080
LEVENTER, ROBERT CommissionerEastlake Juvenile Court205(323) 226-2891
LEWIS, JACQUELINE JudgeCentral Arraignment Courts80(213) 617-5680
LEWIS, TERRANCE CommissionerVan Nuys Courthouse West119(818) 989-6819
LEWIS, THOMAS TJudgeCentral Civil West Courthouse309(213) 351-7509
LINFIELD, MICHAEL PJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse34(213) 633-0154
LIPPITT, ELIZABETH AJudgeVan Nuys Courthouse EastW(818) 901-4609
LOFTON, JOEL LJudgeMichael Antonovich Antelope Valley CourthouseA05(661) 483-5505
LOMELI, GEORGE GJudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center107(213) 628-7407
LONERGAN, JOHN JudgeCompton CourthouseP(310) 761-4317
LONG, THOMAS D.JudgeNorwalk CourthouseY(562) 345-3719
LONGORIA, ROBERTO JudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center51(213) 628-7751
LOOMIS, LLOYD JudgeChatsworth CourthouseF51(818) 407-2251
LOPEZ, GILBERT MJudgeEl Monte Courthouse5(626) 401-2205
LOPEZ-GISS, SUSAN JudgeChatsworth CourthouseF46(818) 407-2246
LORD, JOHN DJudgeGovernor George Deukmejian CourthouseS06(562) 256-1435
LOSNICK, DEBRA LCommissionerEdmund D. Edelman Children's Court403(323) 307-8003
LOUSTEAU, KRISTI CommissionerClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center36(213) 628-7736
LOWENTHAL, DANIEL JJudgeGovernor George Deukmejian CourthouseS18(562) 256-1495
LOWRY, STEPHEN CommissionerCompton CourthouseM(310) 761-4336
LU, ELAINE JudgePasadena CourthouseJ(626) 396-3305
LUI, CHRISTOPHER JudgeMetropolitan Courthouse62(213) 745-1862
LUNA, ANA MARIAJudgeGovernor George Deukmejian CourthouseS14(562) 256-1475
LYONS, DALILA CORRALJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse20(213) 633-0520
MACHIDA, KENJI JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse1A(213) 633-0612
MACKEY, MALCOLM JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse55(213) 633-0655
MACLAUGHLIN, WILLIAM AJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse89(213) 633-0689
MADDEN, PATRICK TJudgeGovernor George Deukmejian CourthouseS28(562) 256-2232
MADER, KATHERINE JudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center117(213) 628-7417
MAGNO, TERESA JudgeCompton Courthouse3(310) 761-4303
MANDEL, ELAINE JudgeVan Nuys Courthouse EastB(818) 901-4732
MARCUS, STEPHEN AJudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center102(213) 628-7402
MARMARO, MARC JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse37(213) 633-0157
MARPET, STEPHEN CommissionerEdmund D. Edelman Children's Court410(323) 307-8010
MARRS, BRUCE FJudgePomona Courthouse SouthL(909) 802-1115
MARTELLA, TIMOTHY CommissionerPomona Courthouse SouthG(909) 802-1104
MARTIN, LIA JudgeCentral Civil West Courthouse315(213) 351-7515
MARTINEZ, MARILYN KADINGCommissionerEdmund D. Edelman Children's Court414(323) 307-8014
MARTINEZ, ROBERT MJudgePomona Courthouse SouthS(909) 802-1127
MARTINEZ, VICTOR JudgeWest Covina Courthouse4(626) 430-2504
MASON, JOHN ACommissionerInglewood Courthouse  
MATZ, LAURA AJudgeGlendale CourthouseE(818) 265-6423
MAUTINO, PHILIP KJudgeLos Padrinos Juvenile Courthouse 252(562) 940-8841
MAVIS, DARRELL JudgePasadena CourthouseC(626) 396-3322
MCBETH, VERONICA Assigned JudgeEdmund D. Edelman Children's Court420(323) 307-8020
MCDANIEL, BARBARA CommissionerInglewood Courthouse7(310) 419-1307
MCKAY, PATTI JOJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse70(213) 633-1070
MCLAUGHLIN-BENNETT, DENISE JudgeAlfred J. McCourtney Juvenile Justice Center285(661) 483-5985
MCSORLEY, ROBERT ACommissionerMichael Antonovich Antelope Valley CourthouseA-3(661) 483-5503
MCTAGGART, WILLIAM CommissionerInglewood Courthouse8(310) 419-1308
MEIERS, BARBARA AJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse12(213) 633-1012
MELOCH, SALLY JudgeGovernor George Deukmejian CourthouseS11(562) 256-1470
MENETREZ, FRANK JudgeEdmund D. Edelman Children's Court405(323) 307-8005
MERRITT, HILLERI JudgeSan Fernando CourthouseJ(818) 256-1825
MEYER, JUDITH LJudgeGovernor George Deukmejian CourthouseS17(562) 256-1490
MEYERS, PATRICK TJudgeNorwalk CourthouseE(562) 345-3713
MIGUDA-ARMSTEAD, SONGHAI JudgeMetropolitan Courthouse73(213) 745-1873
MILLER, MICHAEL LORENCommissionerAlfred J. McCourtney Juvenile Justice Center427(661) 483-5927
MILLER, RITA JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse16(213) 633-0516
MILLER, SHARON LEWISCommissionerSan Fernando CourthouseB(818) 256-1812
MILLER, SHARON LEWISCommissionerSan Fernando CourthouseM(818) 256-1816
MILLER SLOAN, ROBIN JudgeEastlake Juvenile Court202(323) 227-4302
MILLINGTON, SCOTT TJudgeInglewood CourthouseO(310) 419-1316
MILLS, CECIL JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse  
MINNING, DAVID LJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse35(213) 633-0155
MIRICH, PETER JJudgeCatalina Courthouse001(562) 256-3129
MIRICH, PETER JJudgeGovernor George Deukmejian CourthouseS29(562) 256-2237
MITCHELL, BRUCE Commissioner   
MITCHELL, CRAIG JJudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center133(213) 628-7433
MITCHELL, DAVIANN LJudgeMichael Antonovich Antelope Valley CourthouseA-17(661) 483-5517
MOHR, ANTHONY JJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse76(213) 830-0776
MOLONEY, STEPHEN JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse41(213) 633-0161
MOLONEY, STEPHEN JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse58(213) 633-0658
MONETTE, STEVEN LCommissionerPasadena CourthouseN(626) 396-3316
MONGUIA, ENRIQUE JudgeEast Los Angeles Courthouse4(323) 780-2007
MONTES, RICHARD Assigned JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse  
MOONEY, MARK JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse68(213) 633-1068
MOOR, CARL JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse6(213) 633-0606
MORDETZKY, MARILYN MCommissionerVan Nuys Courthouse EastH(818) 901-4734
MORETON, EDWARD BJudgeAirport Courthouse93(310) 725-3047
MOSES, JARED DJudgeAlhambra CourthouseT(626) 293-2108
MULCAHY, DENNIS ECommissionerVan Nuys Courthouse West115(818) 989-6815
MULVILLE, HAROLD JCommissionerPomona Courthouse SouthM(909) 802-1106
MUNISOGLU, ELIZABETH CommissionerAirport Courthouse72(310) 725-3098
MURILLO, SERENA JudgeEast Los Angeles Courthouse2(323) 780-2003
MURPHY, DANIEL SJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse32(213) 633-0152
MURPHY, MARY ANNJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse25(213) 633-0525
NAJERA, CAROL JudgeCompton CourthouseTR(310) 761-6800
NARANJO, RICHARD EJudgeMichael Antonovich Antelope Valley CourthouseA-1(661) 483-5501
NASH, LLOYD JudgeSan Fernando CourthouseH(818) 256-1824
NELSON, MAREN EJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse2(213) 633-0252
NELSON, MARK GRANTJudgeCentral Arraignment Courts80(213) 617-5680
NEWMAN, NANCY LJudgeSanta Monica CourthouseP(310) 255-1877
NGUYEN, JOHN Assigned JudgeDowney Courthouse6(562) 803-7024
NIERENBERG, ALVIN Commissioner   
NIETO, PATRICIA JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse77(213) 830-0777
NISHIMOTO, CARY HJudgeTorrance CourthouseE(310) 787-3713
NORD, SCOTT CommissionerMichael Antonovich Antelope Valley CourthouseA12(661) 483-5512
NUDELL, KAREN JJudgeVan Nuys Courthouse West112(818) 989-6812
O'DONNELL, JOANNE JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse86(213) 830-0786
O'GARA, MICHAEL JudgeSan Fernando CourthouseA(818) 256-1802
OCAMPO, RICARDO JudgeCompton CourthouseJ(310) 761-4325
OGDEN, STEVEN DAssigned JudgeMichael Antonovich Antelope Valley Courthouse  
OHTA, SAM JudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center108(213) 628-7408
OKAMOTO, VINCENT HJudgeInglewood Courthouse4(310) 419-1304
OKI, DAN TJudgePomona Courthouse SouthJ(909) 802-1105
OLDENDORF, MARGARET LJudgePasadena CourthouseP(626) 396-3307
OLMEDO, CHARLAINE JudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center105(213) 628-7405
OLSON, LYNN DJudgeCompton CourthouseO(310) 761-4326
OLSON, WADE CommissionerPomona Courthouse SouthF(909) 802-1123
OMENS, REBECCA CommissionerVan Nuys Courthouse West103(818) 989-6803
ONG, TOMSON TJudgeGovernor George Deukmejian CourthouseS01(562) 256-1410
ONGKEKO, RAFAEL JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse73(213) 830-0773
OROZCO, YOLANDA JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse29(213) 633-0249
OSORIO, BENNY JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse97(213) 633-1097
OTTO, JAMES DJudgeGovernor George Deukmejian CourthouseS24(562) 256-2212
PACHECO, RANDALL JudgeGovernor George Deukmejian CourthouseS16(562) 256-1485
PADILLA, STEFF RCommissionerAlfred J. McCourtney Juvenile Justice Center426(661) 483-5926
PALAZUELOS, YVETTE MJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse28(213) 633-0528
PALAZZOLO, ROBERT CommissionerMichael Antonovich Antelope Valley CourthouseA13(661) 483-5513
PALMER, CHARLES FJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse33(213) 633-0153
PARK, ANN JudgePomona Courthouse SouthE(909) 802-1113
PASTOR, MICHAEL EJudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center110(213) 628-7410
PAUL, ROY JudgeGovernor George Deukmejian CourthouseS09(562) 256-1450
PEARCE, MICHAEL CommissionerDowney Courthouse2(562) 803-7012
PELLMAN, AMY MJudgeEdmund D. Edelman Children's Court421(323) 307-8021
PENNY, BRENDA CommissionerStanley Mosk Courthouse9(213) 633-0259
PERRY, ROBERT JJudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center104(213) 628-7404
PETERS, ANTHONY CommissionerWest Covina Courthouse6(626) 430-2506
PETRABORG, BRIAN CommissionerDowney Courthouse1(562) 803-7010
PFAHLER, STEPHEN PJudgeChatsworth CourthouseF49(818) 407-2249
POGUE, NANCY CommissionerChatsworth CourthouseF41(818) 407-2241
POGUE, NANCY CommissionerSan Fernando CourthouseM(818) 256-1816
PORRAS, JOSEPH JudgeNorwalk CourthouseY(562) 345-3719
PRATT, CATHERINE JJudgeCompton Courthouse260(310) 761-4260
PRIVER, LAURA JudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center125(213) 628-7425
PUENTE-PORRAS, MARIA CommissionerCentral Civil West Courthouse2E(213) 351-7533
QUINONES, CONNIE JudgeEdmund D. Edelman Children's Court418(323) 307-8018
RAMIREZ, DANIEL JudgeNorwalk CourthouseA(562) 345-3722
RAMIREZ, NANCY CommissionerCentral Civil West Courthouse2H(213) 351-7534
RAPHAEL, MICHAEL JJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse51(213) 633-0351
RAPPE, CURTIS JudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center103(213) 628-7403
RECANA, JULIAN CJudgeCompton Courthouse6(310) 761-4306
RECANA, MEL REDJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse45(213) 633-0645
REHM, C HJudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center130(213) 628-7430
REVEL, MARSHA NJudgeBeverly Hills Courthouse1(310) 281-2408
REYES, DOROTHY BJudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center35(213) 628-7735
RHODES, RANDY JudgeChatsworth CourthouseF50(818) 407-2250
RICCIARDULLI, ALEX JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse70(213) 633-1070
RICE, STUART MJudgeTorrance CourthouseB(310) 787-3722
RICHARDSON, TONY JudgeEl Monte Courthouse6(626) 401-2206
RICHMAN, CRAIG JudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center120(213) 628-7420
RICO, RICHARD EJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse17(213) 633-0517
RIEGER, MARSHALL Commissioner   
RIFF, LAWRENCE JudgeVan Nuys Courthouse EastZ(818) 901-4619
RIZK, GEORGINA TORRESJudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center43(213) 628-7743
ROCHMAN, MORTON JudgeSylmar Juvenile Courthouse279(818) 256-1079
RODRIGUEZ, JESSE JudgeGovernor George Deukmejian CourthouseS22(562) 256-2202
RODRIGUEZ, JOSE A CommissionerEl Monte Courthouse1(626) 401-2201
ROGERS, RANDOLPH AJudgeMichael Antonovich Antelope Valley CourthouseA11(661) 483-5511
ROMAN, GREGORIO JudgeDowney Courthouse7(562) 803-7027
ROMERO, RICHARD RJudgeGovernor George Deukmejian CourthouseS21(562) 256-1512
ROSALES, OLIVIA JudgeNorwalk CourthouseM(562) 345-3706
ROSE, CAROL JudgeInglewood Courthouse1(310) 419-1301
ROSENBERG, GERALD JudgeSanta Monica CourthouseK(310) 255-1876
ROSENBLATT, MICHELLE RJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse40(213) 633-0160
ROSENFIELD, ALAN SJudgeSanta Clarita Courthouse3(661) 253-5603
ROTENBERG, FRED JudgeBurbank Courthouse2(818) 260-8402
RUBIN, ALAN CommissionerAirport Courthouse90(310) 725-3044
RUBIN, RAND SAssigned JudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center  
RUBINSON, THOMAS JudgeVan Nuys Courthouse WestN(818) 989-6806
RUIZ, GILBERT Assigned JudgeEl Monte Courthouse2(626) 401-2202
RYAN, WILLIAM C JudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice CenterCJC WRITS(213) 628-7755
RYU, TAMMY CHUNGJudgeCompton CourthouseQ(310) 761-4307
SADLER, WILLIAM CommissionerCentral Arraignment Courts83(213) 617-5683
SAHAGUN, RAUL AJudgeNorwalk CourthouseD(562) 345-3723
SAITO, TIMOTHY JudgeBurbank Courthouse3(818) 260-8403
SALKIN, VALERIE JudgeSan Fernando CourthouseC(818) 256-1822
SAMUELS, SHELLIE JudgeVan Nuys Courthouse West121(818) 989-6821
SANCHEZ, DEBORAH LJudgeBellflower Courthouse6(562) 345-3306
SANCHEZ, YVONNE TJudgeNorwalk CourthouseS(562) 345-3707
SANCHEZ-GORDON, TERESA JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse74(213) 830-0774
SANDOVAL, JOSE IJudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center129(213) 628-7429
SANDVIG, MELVIN JudgeChatsworth CourthouseF47(818) 407-2247
SANORA, STEVEN JudgeEl Monte Courthouse3(626) 401-2203
SANTANA, RAY JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse90(213) 633-0690
SAUCEDA, A. VERÓNICACommissionerWest Covina Courthouse1(626) 430-2501
SCHEPER, BARBARA JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse30(213) 633-0150
SCHNEIDER, ALAN JudgeVan Nuys Courthouse West120(818) 989-6820
SCHUIT, ROBERT JJudgeChatsworth CourthouseF43(818) 407-2243
SCHUUR, MICHAEL LCommissionerNorwalk CourthouseW(562) 345-3729
SCHWARTZ, KEITH LJudgeAirport Courthouse30(310) 725-3040
SCHWARTZ, TERI JudgePasadena CourthouseE(626) 396-3313
SEAVER, R. CARLTONJudgePasadena CourthouseS(626) 396-3327
SEE, RAMONA GJudgeTorrance CourthouseM(310) 787-3716
SEIGLE, LAURA AJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse87(213) 830-0787
SEPE-WIESENFELD, LISA KJudgeMetropolitan Courthouse70(213) 745-1870
SERIO, COLLETTE NCommissionerPasadena CourthouseG(626) 396-3304
SHALLER, FREDERICK CJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse46(213) 633-0646
SHAPIRO, NORM JudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center116(213) 628-7416
SHEPHERD, WILLIAM Commissioner   
SHIBATA, PHYLLIS CommissionerPomona Courthouse South282(909) 802-1182
SHORT, MICHELLE CommissionerCentral Civil West Courthouse2F(213) 351-7503
SHUBIN, DOROTHY LJudgePasadena CourthouseB(626) 396-3312
SHULTZ, MICHAEL JudgeCompton CourthouseL(310) 761-4335
SILBERMAN, HARVEY AJudgePasadena CourthouseL(626) 396-3315
SILVERMAN, B. SCOTTJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse7(213) 633-0507
SIMPSON, C EDWARDJudgePasadena CourthouseR(626) 396-3317
SINANIAN, ZAVEN VJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse23(213) 633-0523
SIRNA, SALVATORE JudgePomona Courthouse SouthN(909) 802-1116
SKEBA, VALERIE CommissionerMichael Antonovich Antelope Valley CourthouseA22 
SLAWSON, JOHN AJudgeTorrance CourthouseH(310) 787-3724
SMALL, MICHAEL JudgeAlhambra Courthouse2(626) 293-2102
SMERLING, TERRY JudgePasadena CourthouseD(626) 396-3303
SMITH, J. CHRISTOPHERCommissionerAlfred J. McCourtney Juvenile Justice Center286(661) 483-5986
SMITH, SPURGEON EJudgeMetropolitan Courthouse (213) 745-2708
SOKOLOV, THOMAS RJudgeTorrance Courthouse4(310) 787-3704
SOLORZANO, KATHRYN JudgeAirport Courthouse83(310) 725-3091
SORTINO, DOUGLAS JudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center124(213) 628-7424
SOTELO, DAVID JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse91(213) 633-1091
SOTO, PHILIP LJudgeEdmund D. Edelman Children's Court408(323) 307-8008
SPEAR, SUSAN PATRICIAAssigned JudgeEdmund D. Edelman Children's Court  
SPEER, SUSAN MJudgeVan Nuys Courthouse WestV(818) 989-6818
ST. GEORGE, MATTHEW CommissionerSanta Monica CourthouseF(310) 255-1843
STENNIS, KEVIN JudgeMetropolitan Courthouse72(213) 745-1872
STERLING, WILLIAM NJudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center119(213) 628-7249
STERN, DOUGLAS WJudgeGovernor George Deukmejian CourthouseS12(562) 256-1460
STERN, MICHAEL LJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse62(213) 633-1062
STEWART, WILLIAM DJudgeBurbank CourthouseA(818) 260-8412
STOLTZ, KATHRYNE ANNAssigned JudgeSan Fernando Courthouse  
STONE, NATALIE JudgeEdmund D. Edelman Children's Court409(323) 307-8009
STRASSNER, LISA MCommissionerMichael Antonovich Antelope Valley CourthouseA4(661) 483-5504
STRATTON, MARIA EJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse5(213) 633-0245
STROBEL, MARY HJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse82(213) 830-0782
STUART, DAVID WJudgeSan Fernando CourthouseI(818) 256-1804
SULLIVAN, TERESA JudgeEdmund D. Edelman Children's Court417(323) 307-8017
SUZUKI, PAUL TJudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center34(213) 628-7734
SWAIN, LESLIE AJudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center131(213) 628-7431
SZTRAICHER, GUSTAVO JudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center48(213) 628-7748
TAKASUGI, JON JudgeAlhambra CourthouseX(626) 293-2119
TAMZARIAN, ARMEN JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse84(213) 830-0784
TANAKA, GARY JudgeTorrance Courthouse5(310) 787-3705
TAPIA, SERGIO JudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center30(213) 628-7730
TARLE, NORMAN PJudgeSanta Monica CourthouseJ(310) 255-1855
TAVELMAN, FRANK JudgeMichael Antonovich Antelope Valley CourthouseA16(661) 483-5516
TAYLOR, CHET JudgeMetropolitan Courthouse66(213) 745-1866
TAYLOR, ERIC CJudgeTorrance CourthouseC(310) 787-3732
TAYLOR, KENNETH CommissionerMetropolitan Courthouse60(213) 745-1860
TERRELL, MICHAEL JudgeSan Fernando CourthouseG(818) 256-1814
THOMPSON, ANDREA JudgeVan Nuys Courthouse West100(818) 989-6800
THOMPSON, SANDRA A JudgeTorrance Courthouse2(310) 787-3702
TILLMON, BOBBI JudgeSanta Monica CourthouseG(310) 255-1844
TIPTON, LELAND HJudgeBellflower Courthouse3(562) 345-3303
TITUS, PATRICIA JJudgeInglewood Courthouse6(310) 419-1306
TORREALBA, SHELLY JudgeEast Los Angeles Courthouse1(323) 780-2001
TORRIBIO, JOHN AJudgeNorwalk CourthouseG(562) 345-3704
TOTTEN, ROBERT CommissionerEastlake Juvenile Court201(323) 226-8911
TRABER, THERESA MJudgePasadena CourthouseK(626) 396-3355
TRENDACOSTA, ANTHONY JudgeEdmund D. Edelman Children's Court400(323) 307-8030
TREU, ROLF MJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse59(213) 633-5859
TRUONG, TERRY CommissionerEdmund D. Edelman Children's Court413(323) 307-8013
TSAO, LEE JudgeBellflower Courthouse5(562) 345-3305
TURNER, JEROLD Assigned JudgeMichael Antonovich Antelope Valley Courthouse  
TYNAN, MICHAEL AJudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center42(213) 628-7742
ULFIG, CYNTHIA JudgeSan Fernando CourthouseF(818) 256-1813
VAN SICKLEN, STEVEN RJudgeTorrance CourthouseF(310) 787-3723
VANDERET, ROBERT JudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center31(213) 628-7731
VAZQUEZ, CARLOS JudgeGlendale Courthouse1(818) 265-6401
VEALS, CRAIG EJudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center122(213) 628-7422
VEASEY, GLENDA CommissionerTorrance CourthouseJ(310) 787-3715
VEGA JACOBS, LILLIAN JudgeBellflower Courthouse4(562) 345-3304
VERASTEGUI, YVETTE JudgeAirport Courthouse92(310) 725-3046
VICENCIA, MICHAEL PJudgeGovernor George Deukmejian CourthouseS26(562) 256-2222
VILLALOBOS, MICHAEL JudgeAlhambra Courthouse1(626) 293-2101
VILLAR, M LJudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center41(213) 628-7741
VILLEZA, ROB JudgePomona Courthouse SouthK(909) 802-1125
WALGREN, DAVID JudgeSan Fernando CourthouseS(818) 256-1807
WALLENSTEIN, JOEL MJudgeCompton Courthouse10(310) 761-4310
WALMARK, RICHARD FJudgeVan Nuys Courthouse EastP(818) 901-4607
WALTON, LAURA JudgeCompton CourthouseG(310) 761-4314
WAPNER, FREDERICK NJudgeClara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center114(213) 628-7414
WASSERMAN, FUMIKO HJudgeLos Padrinos Juvenile Courthouse 251(562) 940-8846
WATKINS, SHIRLEY JudgeVan Nuys Courthouse EastK(818) 901-4615
WAYSER, JOSHUA D.JudgeEdmund D. Edelman Children's Court423(323) 307-8023
WEBSTER, ALLEN JJudgeCompton CourthouseE(310) 761-4333
WEGMAN, MARTIN Commissioner   
WEINTRAUB, DEBRE KJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse47(213) 633-0647
WEIS BIRNSTEIN, LAUREN JudgeAirport Courthouse31(310) 725-3041
WEISS, SUSAN KCommissionerChatsworth CourthouseF40(818) 407-2240
WESLEY, DAVID SJudgeInglewood Juvenile Courthouse241(310) 412-8341
WHITAKER, MICHAEL JudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse43(213) 633-0353
WHITE, ELIZABETH ALLENJudgeStanley Mosk Courthouse48(213) 633-0648
WHITE, THOMAS Assigned JudgeMichael Antonovich Antelope Valley Courthouse  
WHITE-BROWN, GLORIA JudgeWest Covina Courthouse11(626) 430-2511
WIDDIFIELD, MELISSA NJudgeEast Los Angeles Courthouse6(323) 780-2011
WIESE, STACY JudgeWest Covina Courthouse8(626) 430-2508
WILEY, JOHN SHEPARDJudgeCentral Civil West Courthouse311(213) 351-7511
WILLETT, WILLIAM GJudgeTorrance Courthouse11(310) 787-3711
WINDHAM, MARK EJudgeAirport Courthouse81(310) 725-3090
WRIGHT, VICTOR LJudgeInglewood Courthouse5(310) 419-1305
YEP, BRIAN CJudgeMichael Antonovich Antelope Valley CourthouseA-10(661) 483-5510
YERKEY, AMY CommissionerDowney Courthouse2(562) 803-7012
YOUNG, MARK AJudgeSanta Monica CourthouseS(310) 255-1847
YRIARTE, GEANENE JudgePomona Courthouse South281(909) 802-1181
ZACKY, HAYDEN JudgeSan Fernando CourthouseN(818) 256-1806
ZEIDLER, D. ZEKEJudgeEdmund D. Edelman Children's Court404(323) 307-8004
ZUCKMAN, MARK CommissionerAirport Courthouse70(310) 725-3096
ZUZGA, CYNTHIA A CommissionerBellflower Courthouse1(562) 345-3301

Judges, Commissioners and Referees of the Los Angeles Superior Court.
Art Showcased in
Los Angeles Courthouse Jury Rooms
"Water Lilly" by Michael Tafoya
2006 – 3rd Place Amateur

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