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FAQ / How Do I

Volunteer Basics

A Volunteer is anyone who performs a service for the Superior Court without compensation.

An Intern is a student who gains knowledge and may possibly earn course credit through voluntary service to the Court

An Extern is a law school student volunteer who may or may not receive course credit. For additional information regarding the Externship program such as process and placement, please send an email to

Volunteering/Interning for the Court provides many opportunities to the individual and the community the individual will help serve. Aside from personal enrichment and becoming a contributor to the community and its needs, volunteering/interning in the Court creates opportunities for networking, enhances your resume, and provides possible job leads and knowledge of the judicial process.

Volunteers/Interns are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a professional and courteous manner, which reflects positively on the individual and the Court.

You may email your question(s) to

Becoming a Volunteer

The process of becoming a Court Volunteer/Intern involves several steps:
  1. Complete an application and Security Clearance form then submit both of them to the Court
  2. Successfully pass a preliminary background check
  3. Attend a scheduled mandatory orientation in the Central District Courthouse (Stanley Mosk Courthouse)
  4. Successfully pass a security clearance background check
  5. Participate in a scheduled interview

The minimum age is 16 years old and other requirements vary for each program. Some programs, i.e., Juvenile Courts, require a minimum age of 18 years.

Application for Volunteer/Internship Program is available online.

The application may be viewed and printed from this web site by using Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 5.0 or later is required). If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may download the application for free from Adobe's Web Site.   

Form Name Information Form ID Revised Date Fillable
Volunteer/Internship Application 03/2009 YES

Externship Program application is not available online. For more information please send an email to

An interview consists of a meeting with a Manager/Supervisor where questions will be asked of you. The questions are open-ended and designed to encourage free expression and discussion of points of concern, i.e., time commitment, schedule, expectations, etc. An interview should take approximately 30 minutes.

The qualifications for the various programs may differ with regard to age, availability in specific courts, educational background, time commitment and interest of the individual.Table showing the programs and eligibility requirements for Volunteer programs, Internship Programs, and Externship Programs are available.

Depending on the needs of the Court, you may volunteer to assist at any of the Superior Court locations throughout Los Angeles County. (Please note: This process does not include Federal Courts, the Court of Appeals or other county courts, i.e., Riverside, San Bernardino etc.)

The Program Coordinator Directory lists the court locations and phone numbers for the program coordinators

Volunteer Orientation

The orientation is designed in such a way that Volunteers/Interns freely participate in asking questions and sharing thoughts about the mutual benefit of the programs.

The orientation will consist of an overview of the Court, the Volunteer/Internship Policies & Procedures, i.e., general conduct, personal appearance, confidential and sensitive information, personal safety, harassment, etc. along with discussion on the various Volunteer/Internship Programs and their services.

This enables the Volunteer/Intern to understand how their participation fits in with the Court’s overall operation and how their assistance contributes to the mission of the Court and its services to the general public.

The orientation will take approximately 3 hours which includes processing Live Scan (fingerprinting), photo ID, completion of required documents and the orientation itself.

On the date of your scheduled orientation, parking will be made available in Lot 26 which is located on the corner of First St. & Olive St. (adjacent to the Stanley Mosk Courthouse). Please note: If you do not park in Lot 26, the Court will not be able to validate your parking. More Parking information

Volunteers/Interns are to be groomed in a business-like manner that is appropriate to their level of responsibility, unless your specific placement requires otherwise.

Placement is determined by several factors including the needs of the Court including availability, individual interest, and district program requirements.

The Court hours of operation are 8:00 am – 5:00 pm. A schedule will be determined during the interview and agreed upon by the individual and their supervisor.


Live Scan fingerprint is the technique and technology used to capture digital fingerprints. Applicant fingerprints are electronically transmitted to the Department of Justice (DOJ) in order to complete a criminal background check. Criminal history information can be revealed using Live Scan fingerprints to match other identifying information in existing data files

Yes, you will be required to be Live Scanned again.

Government agencies often times do not share information with other government entities. Due to the sensitivity and confidentiality of many of the its services, the Court approaches their security background process with caution.

Once you have been Live Scanned (fingerprinted), normally a few days. However, there may be a delay(s) as a result of several factors i.e. common name, age of an individual, extensive travel, military service etc. Decisions on acceptance to the program are determined on a case-by-case basis.

Volunteer Opportunities

Receiving course/unit credit for an Internship with the Court is determined by your educational institution. Please refer to your school to address and arrange course/unit credit.

Occasionally Court Volunteers/Interns may be given the opportunity to attend different lectures, tours and Court events.

Parking is available free of charge to all Volunteers/Interns who are actively participating in one of the Court's Volunteer/Internship Programs. Further instruction will be given during orientation.

Volunteering/Interning for the Court does not in any way bind the Court to offer any type of paid employment to the individual. Individuals interested in employment with the Court must comply with the same employment procedure as everyone else. However, various opportunities received by the Court Volunteer/Intern Coordinator will be disseminated to Volunteer/Intern Supervisors for distribution to their participants.
The Volunteers, Interns and Externs provide daily assistance in helping the Court achieve its mission “To resolve and record legal matters.”
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