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About the Language Access Services Division

The Los Angeles Superior Court Language Access Services Division provides multilingual interpretation and general language services in court proceedings to ensure meaningful participation in the judicial court process for individuals with limited English proficiency. In doing so, the Court promotes equal access to justice and guarantees court procedures are fair and understandable for court users from diverse cultural backgrounds.

The Court provides bilingual staff at most Clerk’s Offices. When bilingual staff is not available, the Court provides telephonic interpreter assistance using the services of an outside language provider.

The Court assigns qualified court interpreters in court proceedings at no cost in the following areas: criminal, juvenile delinquency, juvenile dependency, probate, mental health, family law, civil harassment, unlawful detainer (eviction), traffic, small claims, and other civil cases.

If you need the services of an interpreter, you may request one from the courtroom staff at the time of your hearing. For court users with eviction, small claims and other civil cases who speak a language other than Spanish, the Court has a web portal to request an interpreter in advance of a hearing. Spanish interpreters are assigned to all court locations; therefore, there is no need to request a Spanish interpreter in advance.

Interpreters are provided at no cost where a party or witness who uses a sign language is present and participating in a court proceeding.

If you have a question about language access, click to contact the Language Access Services Division. Please note that you should not schedule an interpreter using this email address.

Language Access
Request an interpreter for your Eviction, Small Claims, Limited Jurisdiction Civil (Collections and Non-Collections), General Jurisdiction Civil, Family Law, Probate or Traffic Case
Թարգմանիչ խնդրեք Ձեր վտարման, փոքր հայցերի, սահմանափակ իրավասության (պարտահավաքման և ոչ-պարտահավաքման), ընդհանուր (անսահմանափակ) իրավասության քաղաքացիական, ընտանեկան իրավունքի,
퇴거, 소액 청구, 제한된 관할권 민사(징수 및 부징수), 일반적 관할권 민사(무제한), 가족법, 검인 또는 교통 위반 사건에 대해 통역사를 신청하십시오
Solicite un intérprete para su caso de desalojo, reclamos menores, civil de jurisdicción limitada (con cobranzas o no), civil de jurisdicción general (ilimitada), derecho familiar, testamentario o tránsito
Xin thông dịch viên cho Vụ Đuổi Nhà, Vụ Kiện Nhỏ, Hộ Sự Thẩm Quyền Giới Hạn (Thu Nợ và Không Thu Nợ), Hộ Sự Với Thẩm Quyền Tổng Quát (Vô Hạn), Luật Gia Đình, Chứng Thực Di Sản hoặc Giao Thông

Los Angeles County has the largest population of any county in the nation, exceeded by only eight states. More than 1 million of the 10.4 million residents live in unincorporated areas. The other 9.3 million live in 88 cities, located throughout a 4,084-square-mile area. With more than 140 cultures and as many as 224 languages, Los Angeles County is one of the most diverse areas in the world. It is estimated that 56.8% of the county population speaks a language other than English at home.
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"Flamingo Resort" by Michael Artis
2009 – Amateur 3rd Place

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