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What happens if the case is settled during the settlement session?

If the case has been settled the parties will generally sign a full or partial written settlement agreement and/or go back to the courtroom to have the Judicial Officer put the settlement "on the record". You should be prepared to be answer questions at that time such as: Whether or not you understand the nature and terms of the settlement agreement; whether or not the written agreement signed by you accurately reflects the agreed upon terms; and, if there are any terms or conditions which you believe were part of the settlement which were not reduced to writing or as otherwise were stated on the record. The court may or may not set a future date for your return to court. Depending upon the circumstances, the court may "vacate" or take "off calendar" future hearing or appearance dates. You must not assume that future dates are vacated or taken off calendar unless you are specifically told they are by the Judicial Officer hearing the case in the courtroom.

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