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What do the parties do to prepare for the settlement session?

The most important thing is to make sure all decision makers appear at the settlement conference. This includes all of the parties necessary to resolve the case. This means having all persons necessary to enter into a settlement present so the case can hopefully be disposed of. Also, since the Attorney Volunteers do not have access to the files in the case, each of the parties is to bring with them copies of their relevant pleadings (petitions, responses, etc.). Copies of underlying instruments or other documents in dispute should be brought as well. Lastly in this regard, confidential settlement briefs, not exceeding 5 pages in length (double spaced), should be lodged (not filed) directly in the courtroom at least the morning prior to the date of the scheduled session. The Judicial Officer may advise you of different requirements. Checking the court's website is also recommended since there may be additional relevant information found there as well. The parties are encouraged to exchange their settlement briefs, redacting (e.g., blacking out with a marking pen), any specifics such as those pertaining to planned demands or offers of settlement. See immediately below regarding the information to be included in the settlement briefs

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