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Mental Health Glossary
Court Liaison Program (CLP)The Court Liaison Program (CLP) is a collaboration between the LA County Department of Mental Health (DMH) and the LA Superior Court.
ConservateeA person determined by the court to be unable to protect and manage their own personal care or financial affairs, or both. A person who has a court appointed conservator.
ConservatorA person or organization appointed by the court to protect and manage the personal care or financial affairs, or both, of a conservatee.
ConservatorshipA court proceeding that appoints a manager to be legally responsible for the personal and/or financial needs of an individual who is declared to lack the capacity to properly provide for those needs alone.
County CounselServes as attorney for and provides legal advice and representation to the Board of Supervisors of the County of Los Angeles, County departments and other public offices and agencies. Represents the Public Guardian on all conservatorship cases.
Deputy Public GuardianA deputy public guardian conducts the investigation to determine if conservatorship should be established or may carry a caseload of persons on conservatorship under the Public Guardian.
District AttorneyAn elected or appointed public official of a county or a designated district with the responsibility to investigate alleged crimes in cooperation with law enforcement, file criminal charges, and prosecute crimes. Represents the State's interest on most mental health cases.
Grave DisabilityThe inability to provide for one's basic personal needs for food, clothing or shelter.
Lanterman-Petris-Short ActA California law governing involuntary civil commitment for psychiatric treatment. LPS Act is used to end inappropriate lifetime commitment of people with mental illness and establishes the right to due process in the commitment process.
Mental Health Hearing RefereeA person meeting the requirements of this statute and designated by the Supervising Judge of the Mental Health Court to conduct Certification Review Hearings and file Judicial Reviews requested by persons on holds. Medication Capacity (Riese) Hearings are conducted by designated Mental Health Hearing Referees who are licensed attorneys. Also known as a probable cause hearing officer or certification review hearing officer. (WIC 5256.1)
Murphy ConservatorshipA conservatorship reserved for those who have not regained competency within the period allowed by law (three years) and who are dangerous.
Public DefenderA lawyer appointed by the court, usually to represent a defendant in a criminal case that cannot afford to hire a lawyer. A public defender may also represent the defendant in any type of mental health case.
Public GuardianAll applications for mental health conservatorships must be filed with the office of Public Guardian. The Public Guardian may serve as conservator if the Court finds a person to be gravely disabled and there are no family members or friends willing and able to be the conservator. (WIC 5351)
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