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Juvenile Glossary (Delinquency)
AccusedA person charged with an offense.
AllegationA statement or claim that is made and has not been proved to be true or false.
AppealA request made to a higher court to review a decision or ruling by a lower court.
Arraignment HearingCourt appearance where a person that is accused of committing an offense is told about the charges and asked to either "admit" or "deny" the charges or allegations.
Bench WarrantA judge's order to arrest and bring a person to court because the person has failed to appear in court at a specified date and time.
CitationA ticket issued at the scene of an incident by a law enforcement officer requiring payment of a fine or an appearance in court within a certain amount of time to answer for the offense.
CollectionsCitations with unpaid fines and fees may be referred to a collection agency for further action. The collections fees are added to the original fine amount.
Court TrialA trial without a jury. A judge decides the case.
DefenseThe reasons why a minor should not be adjudged of the charge(s)
Deferred Entry Of JudgmentA judgment is put off and possibly erased pending the completion by the minor of certain actions required by the judge.
DelinquentA child, under 18 years old, who has done something that would be a crime if he or she were 18 or older.
DispositionA decision made by the court about probation and sentence.
District AttorneyAn elected official of a county or a designated district with the responsibility for prosecuting crimes
EvidenceAny proof legally presented at trial through witnesses, records, and/or exhibits.
Failure To AppearNot appearing before the judge in the time given on a citation.
FelonyA serious crime that can be punishable by a sentence to a state institution.
FineA sum of money required to be paid as a penalty for an offense. The base bail/fine for a violation is determined by statute, legislation or by court order. The court may impose a separate bail/fine for each separate violation.
ForfeitTo lose property or rights involuntarily as a penalty for violation of law.
Judicial OfficerJudges, referees, and commissioners that make court decisions as a judge.
JurisdictionPersons over which lawful authority may be exercised by a court.
Local OrdinanceA law passed by a municipal government.
MisdemeanorAn offense that can be punished by jail time of up to one year, but not by time in state prison. Punishment can also include fines, probation, county detention, or a combination.
ProsecutorAn attorney who tries a criminal case on behalf of the government.
PleaAnswer to charges.
ProceedingsThe process of conducting judicial business before a court or other judicial officer.
Public DefenderA lawyer appointed by the court, usually to represent a defendant in a criminal case or a minor in a delinquency case that cannot afford to hire a lawyer.
Quasi-CriminalA proceeding that has some, but not all, of the qualities of a criminal prosecution. Quasi is used to indicate that one subject resembles another, with which it is compared, in certain characteristics, but there are intrinsic and material differences between them.
RefereeA person appointed by the court to hear and make decisions on limited legal matters, like juvenile or traffic offenses.
RestitutionMoney paid for the victim's losses caused by the minor's illegal conduct.
RulingA court decision on a case or any legal question.
Seal RecordProceedings deemed not have occurred. You are authorized by law to say that you were never arrested or convicted of the crime.
Sign OffOfficial agreement that a condition has been met
Status OffenseAn act, committed by a child, which is illegal only because of the child's age (such as truancy, underage drinking, etc.)
StayAn order issued by a court stopping court proceedings until a further, specified event takes place.
StrikeTo delete or remove, as in to strike (a case) from the court's calendar.
StipulateTo agree to something; to give one's consent.
SubpoenaAn official order to go to court at a stated time.
Superior CourtThe trial court in each county of the State of California. This court hears all adoption, family law, juvenile, criminal, civil, small claims, and probate cases.
TestifyTo give evidence under oath as a witness in a court proceeding.
ViolationA breaking of the law.
Waive TimeAgree to give up right to a trial within the time limit specified.
Ward Of The CourtA minor that is under the care and control of the juvenile court and not his or her parent(s).
WarrantA court order for an arrest.
WitnessA person who has seen or can give first-hand evidence of some event.
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