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Can I transfer my jury service to another court location?

To transfer your jury service to another court location within Los Angeles county, you must provide a legally sufficient reason on your summons (Section D) briefly explaining why you are prevented from appearing at the courthouse to which you have been randomly summoned by the court's computer system.

  • Important
  • Only a true hardship is grounds for a transfer, inconvenience is not.

Possible grounds for transfer include:

  • You have no reasonable means of transportation to the court location that has summoned you.
  • Your work schedule requires you to work while serving as a juror, and serving at a courthouse closer to your work would allow you to perform jury service.
  • While serving as a juror you are required to provide dependant care to another and transferring to another court location allows you to provide that care.
  • You have a physical or mental impairment but are able to serve if moved to another court location.

  • Important
  • Before you request a transfer to another location, you must first call (213) 972-0970 and register for jury service. The automated system will guide you through the registration process and provide you with the ability to request a transfer.
  • You may also request a transfer online by going to the jury website and selecting My Jury Duty Portal. Log in using the information provided on your summons. Select the MyInfo tab, then go to the My Summons tab to complete your jury summons. You can now select the Reschedule tab to request a transfer.
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