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How are Criminal Grand Jurors chosen?

It is the intent of the Legislature that all persons qualified for jury service shall have an equal opportunity to be considered for service as criminal grand jurors in the county in which they reside, and that they have an obligation to serve when summoned for that purpose.

All persons selected for the Criminal Grand Jury shall be selected at random and shall be reasonably representative of a cross section of the population that is eligible for jury service in the county. For this reason there is no mileage limitation for the Criminal Grand Jury and no excuse will be granted because of the distance from the courthouse or inconvenience to the juror.

All persons must appear if summoned. Those jurors under age 70, who have a verified medical condition or those over the age of 70 who are unable to attend the impanelment due to a medical reason may be excused by submitting a written request. All other reasons for excuse from the Criminal Grand Jury selection process must be presented to the Court when the juror appears. Additionally, all requests for postponement will be handled when the juror appears.

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