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What Can I Expect on a Two-day Parenting Plan Assessment?
Both parents and the minor children will arrive on Day 1 at 8:00 AM. Please plan to be available the entire day, but know that you will have a lunch break.

Parents may be interviewed individually and/or together. If there has been any violence between the parents, please inform us when you check-in so that you can be interviewed separately.

The children will be interviewed individually and together with each parent. Other relatives or friends may be interviewed, time permitting.

The FCS Specialist will need some time to speak with you without the children present. If you have young children you will need to bring someone who can care for them while you are speaking with the FCS Specialist.

DAY TWO CHECK-IN TIME: 11:00 AM Post Parenting Plan Assessment Conference 1:30 PM Court Hearing

The FCS Specialist will meet with the parents and their counsel, if represented, on Day 2 at 11:00 AM. This conference provides an opportunity for settlement should the parties wish to stipulate to the FCS Specialist’s recommendations for custody and visitation. If there is no agreement, the FCS Specialist will testify as to their findings and recommendations at the court hearing at 1:30 PM.

Should the FCS Specialist wish to meet briefly with the parents, or other adult(s), prior to 11:00 AM on Day 2, they will notify you during the interviews on Day 1.


Unless specifically waived by the court, the fee for this service must be paid to the Family Court Services Office, 111 N. Hill Street, Room 241, Los Angeles, California, 90012 no later than twenty-one (21) calendar days from the date that the order for the Parenting Plan Assessment is made.

If the fee is not received by 21 calendar days from the date the order for the assessment is made, the Parenting Plan Assessment will be canceled. If canceled, you will need to seek reinstatement directly from the court.

If your case settles after payment is made, you must notify the Family Court Services Office prior to the date of the Parenting Plan Assessment in order to receive a full refund. Otherwise, a $50 administrative fee will be assessed.


Written Materials Please provide the other parent or his/her lawyer with a copy of any written materials you provide to the FCS Specialist for review. These records may include: letters/ reports from a therapist, physician, law enforcement or school (attendance records or report cards).

Collateral Contacts Please provide the names, addresses and telephone numbers of any persons who have relevant information about the custody issue and who you would like the FCS Specialist to contact. Please keep in mind that time is limited, so the FCS Specialist may not have time to interview or contact everyone you suggest.


Be honest and clear. Do not assume the FCS Specialist already knows something because you told someone else in the Court.

If you have any trouble understanding the questions or feel you are not being understood, please share your concerns. The FCS Specialist is considering a parenting plan that will be in your children’s best interest.

The FCS Specialist will likely ask you many questions. Do not assume the FCS Specialist does or does not believe what you are saying simply because more questions are asked.

The FCS Specialist understands this process may cause anxiety for you and your children and will encourage everyone to remain calm and focused on the best interests of the minor children.

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