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March 5, 2013


All Gen. Personal Injury and Ltd. Civil Cases To Be Filed at Mosk Courthouse

Except Ltd. Collections Filings Accepted at Hub Courthouses


Effective March 18, all limited civil actions – except limited civil collections cases – must be filed at Stanley Mosk Courthouse, Room 102, first floor, 111 N. Hill St., Los Angeles 90012.  (As of March 18, limited collections cases must be filed at Chatsworth or Norwalk courthouse depending on a filing party’s postal code.)

Limited civil actions (seeking up to $25,000) encompass the following: tort damages, punitive damages, recovery of real property, recovery of personal property or a prejudgment writ of attachment. Unless otherwise directed, pending limited civil cases in district courthouses (except Catalina) will retain their current court dates and be transferred to the Mosk Courthouse for reassignment.  The parties will be notified of their new hearing location.

Information about new filing locations for limited civil collections cases, small claims, and limited unlawful detainers (evictions) is available on www.lasuperiorcourt.org, the Los Angeles Superior Court web site.


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