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Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center

Judicial Officers

Permanent Assignments
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Abzug, Michael D.Judge112(213) 628-7412
Arnold, Mark S.Judge115 
Bensinger, Kerry Judge033(213) 628-7733
Bork, Terry A.Judge128(213) 628-7428
Brazil, Deborah S.Judge030(213) 628-7730
Coen, Ronald S.Judge101(213) 628-7401
Dabney, James R.Judge134(213) 628-7434
Edwards, Drew E.Judge127(213) 628-7427
Egerton, Anne H.Judge118(213) 628-7418
Escobedo, Mildred Judge126(213) 628-7426
Estrada, Alison M.Judge054(213) 628-7754
Fidler, Larry PaulJudge106(213) 628-7406
Fields, David R.Judge046(213) 628-7746
Frimpong, Maame E.Judge043(213) 628-7743
Garcia, Michael Judge056(213) 628-7756
Gordon, Scott M.Judge100(213) 628-7400
Hall, Henry J.Judge111(213) 628-7411
Hanasono, Mark Judge037(213) 628-7737
Harris, H. Elizabeth Commissioner047(213) 628-7747
Herriford, David Judge132(213) 628-7432
Hobbs, Lynne M.Judge052(213) 628-7752
Jurado, Ray G.Judge130(213) 628-7430
Kemalyan, Richard S.Judge121(213) 628-7421
Kennedy, Kathleen Judge109(213) 628-7409
Kerlin, Karla D.Judge044(213) 680-7644
Kim, Dorothy C.Judge051(213) 628-7751
Korn, Renee Judge032(213) 628-7732
LaForteza, Bernie C.Judge113(213) 628-7413
Lench, Lisa B.Judge108(213) 628-7408
Lomeli, George GonzalezJudge107(213) 628-7407
Lousteau, Kristi Commissioner036(213) 628-7736
Lui, Christopher K.Judge048(213) 628-7748
Mader, Katherine Judge117(213) 628-7417
Marcus, Stephen A.Judge102(213) 628-7402
Miguda-Armstead, Songhai D.Judge040(213) 628-7740
Mitchell, Craig J.Judge133(213) 628-7433
Ohta, Sam Judge123(213) 628-7423
Olmedo, Charlaine F.Judge105(213) 628-7405
Pastor, Michael E.Judge110(213) 628-7410
Perry, Robert Judge104(213) 628-7404
Priver, Laura F.Judge125(213) 628-7425
Rappe, Curtis B.Judge103(213) 628-7403
Rehm, C. H. Judge130(213) 628-7430
Reyes, Dorothy B.Judge035(213) 628-7735
Richman, Craig Judge120(213) 628-7420
Rizk, Georgina Torres Judge038(213) 628-7738
Ryan, William C.JudgeWRITS CENTER 1(213) 628-7755
Sandoval, Jose I.Judge129(213) 628-7429
Shapiro, Norm Judge116 
Sortino, Douglas Judge124(213) 628-7424
Stennis, Kevin Judge033(213) 628-7733
Sterling, William N.Judge119(213) 628-7249
Suzuki, Paul T.Judge034(213) 628-7734
Swain, Leslie A.Judge131(213) 628-7431
Sztraicher, Gustavo N.Judge045(213) 628-7745
Tynan, Michael A.Judge042(213) 628-7742
Vanderet, Robert C.Judge031(213) 628-7731
Veals, Craig E.Judge122(213) 628-7422
Villar, Mary Lou Judge041(213) 628-7741
Wapner, Frederick N.Judge114(213) 628-7414

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